4wd accessories

A lot of adventurous individuals love nature and the gifts it offers for those who might want to go extremely wild in the outback, come with pushing the limits of human abilities while experiencing heart-throbbing moments of defying treacherous trails and dangerous paths. Achieving all of these would be next to impossible without your 4×4 sports utility vehicle as your only source of transportation. There is no more vehicle on earth that is able to withstand the test of deep ravine slopes and hell-like bumpy dirt roads except for the durable and reliable 4×4 pickup trucks.


This vehicle can be equipped, customised or accessorised with almost anything that you need for your outdoor hobbies and adventure. This article hopes to enumerate all possible add-ons to your ute vehicle as a comprehensive guide on what to install for your continuous journey to the middle of nowhere. To get started, consider the following examples of leading 4wd accessories:


The easy-to-install and detachable roof rack


Going out in an adventure of a lifetime requires one to bring all the necessary types of equipment and or accessories for a hundred percent travel satisfaction. Missing or forgetting even one piece of fishing line or rod,  destroys the routine for a particular day. What more could accommodate your extra baggage or packs including your water and land sports gear except for the extra space on top of your ute vehicle, which is the durable and reliable roof rack? When everything can’t fit into the regular compartment and jampacking it all together on the back seat seem not a good idea, consider enjoying your ride with your roof rack accommodating your heavy loads.


Mobile dashboard radio and built-in, external antenna


Communication is as important as saving someone from bleeding or drowning in the wild. Handheld radios provide clear communication channel in areas where mobile phone’s signal or reception is poor as caused by dead spots and multiple barriers and obstructions from hidden terrains and gigantic trees. Ultra-high frequency (UHF) and Very High Frequency (VHF) radios get its signal from the ground, and whenever there are unavoidable accidents and untoward incidents in the field, nearby police and military installations could assist in calling hospitals or medical evacuation facilities to provide immediate medical attention and care to the victims. The dashboard radio and its antenna could relay important messages or information when needed.


Stainless steel and aluminium front and rear bumpers

Bumpers don’t only provide collision protection but also the ute vehicle’s capabilities of pulling stuck or trapped people or objects on deep holes or sticky mud. With the 4×4’s front and rear wheel’s revolutionary power, it could rescue almost anyone or anything in no time. Attaching it to power cables and forged steel chains exerts enough pulling power that one could never expect or imagine.


Ultra-bright, halogen and anti-smog power beams

Apart from 4×4’s regular electrical and lighting system comes the idea of going against extreme fog and smoke in the wild. Driving on rough, outback terrain at night poses a lot of danger like animal or tree collision and the inevitable possibility of your vehicle falling into a nearby cliff or embankment due to poor vision and treacherous road situations. Halogen lamps are so bright that it could detect moving objects as far as fifty meters and somehow gives the man behind the wheel a chance for a quick maneuver in times of a dangerous curve or a steep slope down the sides of a narrow outback road.



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