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Replacement Digital Camera Battery for OLYMPUS

We specialize in OLYMPUS Digital Camera Batteries. Give your Digital Camera new life with a higher capacity battery. Each model was engineered for maximum run time so you won't miss those important shots. We have batteries for hundreds of Digital Camera , so please call if your model is not listed, we will find it. The Battery Company is your discount source for hard to find OLYMPUS Digital Camera Batteries and Charger! We are a full service OLYMPUS Digital Camera Battery distributor offering wholesale prices to our customers. We are working hard to make your online shopping experience easy, fast, convenient and Safe. Please let us know what you think. We are always here to serve your needs and provide quality service.

Please select the part number of your olympus battery: ( Find Easily: Press "Ctrl+F" and Enter Model NO. or Part NO.)

OLYMPUS Digital Camera Battery Using Guiden

There are many places you should pay attention to about OLYMPUS battery save and carry.

  1. If you are not using a matchable OLYMPUS Digital Camera Battery, or not pay attention to save the battery, the battery will run out when you just take a few photos. So we should try to save OLYMPUS battery usage. Flash is a very power-hungry, it is recommended you do not abuse them. When adjusting the image it is best to use the viewfinder instead of the LCD display. The LCD display power consumption is astonishing, so it's best to use fewer. Of course, it would not be blocked in order to save power, such as when shooting at close range, LCD display is an indispensable and important component. Finally, remember turn it off when you do not use it.
  2. Majority of people do not pay too much attention to the clean of the OLYMPUS Digital Camera Battery. Before charging, please use a soft dry cloth to clean the contact points at both ends of the battery and keep them clean, in this ensures that the OLYMPUS battery can be completely sufficient power. If the battery's electrodes occurs oxidation, you need to wipe it out, when severe oxidation or drop, you should change the battery.
  3. Other details should also pay sufficient attention to, the rechargeable OLYMPUS Digital Camera Battery you just bought are generally very low or no battery power, and you should charge before use. After fully charged the battery is very hot, it should be cooled and then put into the Camcorder. Pay attention to the integrity of the battery insulating paper, once they are damaged, you should cement it with a trubberized fabric. When you don't use the OLYMPUS machine in a long time, you must taken out the OLYMPUS battery from the Machine or battery charger, and let its fully discharged, then stored in a dry, cool environment, but do not with metal objects. Because the OLYMPUS Digital Camera Battery stored in the Machine or charger for a long time may result in leakage, and damage and so on.
  4. Using the OLYMPUS charger and battery also will help to extend battery life. If it's the first time using the battery(or not used for several months), please remember the lithium battery charging hours must be more than 6 hours, Ni-MH battery for OLYMPUS must be more than 14 hours, otherwise the OLYMPUS battery life is shorter in future. Only after several charge / discharge process the battery can achieve an optimal efficiency. And try not to repeat the charge to ensure Digital Camera Battery life when there still remnants of power in the OLYMPUS Digital Camera Battery.


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