Finding a marina for your yacht

The superyachts have been getting bigger each year and there is a need for a modern Marina in order to accommodate these. Marina is generally a part of a multi usage development which is considered to be a destination and besides a yacht destination also includes residences, retail shops, restaurants and recreational facilities.

The following are a few tips which you should look for in a superyacht Marina before berthing the yacht.

Things to look out for in a superyacht Marina

The first thing that you need to look for in a Marina is it geographical location. It should be developed in order to accommodate the superyachts and it should be big enough for your boat.

Superyachts visit one place to another and it is important that they should give a clear idea from where they are visiting and where they are going. The Marina should comprise of a yacht tracking software so as to help determine the cruise patterns of the different Yachts.

Make sure to look for a Marina which is near a traditional route. It should also comprise of an airlift with the best road infrastructure and accessibility along with the capacity to accommodate all sizes of the yachts. The marina should have ample depth and tranquility because a place which have a great deal of wave and high tide and could cause problems for the boats. It is necessary for the yard facility to be in a micro tide environment. However, if there are certain destinations which are located in tidal water, it is important that they should have a solid and non floating dock.

The design of a superyacht marina should be as flexible as possible. In fact, it should be able to accommodate a huge super yacht and it is necessary that the marina should have a side tie dockage.

If you are looking for first class customer service and the best Marina facilities, you need to find an experienced team representing a Marina. In fact, you should be on the lookout for a super yacht Marina which is the hub of the world’s cruising ground. It is important for a super yacht to have access to water and power. When you drop the super yacht, the first thing that you need to do is to connect it to the power so that the battery can keep running. It is necessary to keep systems like the air conditioner and the lights running for people who are staying on board, without having to use their own personal generator. It is important that you check out the power supply on the dock and ensure that it is according to the voltage requirement of the superyachts.

The Marina should also have a Wi-Fi so that you would be able to stay connected even when you are docked in the water. You can simply get all your work done at the boat especially if you like having a second office near the water. Last but not the least, the superyachts also require a routine maintenance and therefore it is important that the Marina should comprise of a service station which is a one stop shop for all your needs.


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