Mobile Phone Battery

Extend Your Cellular Phone Battery Standby and Talktime

There are a few things you can do that will reduce cellular battery consumption, thus allowing more standby and talktime between charges. Never leave your cell phone close to a heat source or in a vehicle on hot days.

Other ways for extending cell phone battery life is by getting rid of the sound your cell phone makes when you press a key. You should find how to do that in your phone’s settings. Use a ring tone instead of the vibration alarm whenever possible, since ring tones drain less energy.

How long should my batteries last?

Standby time: Standby time is when the phone is ON, but not “IN USE.” Standby times vary from phone to phone and are dependent upon type of battery (NiCAD, NiMH, LiON), type of phone, and individual charging habits.

Talk time: Talk time is when the phone is IN USE. Again, times are vary with batteries, phones, and charging habits.


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