Commercial Electrician

Whether you need to install a new device or repair a broken one, these men know exactly how to do it. Before becoming a Commercial Electrician they need a licence, which is obtained through the completion of an Associate’s degree or apprenticeship degree program.


The job of a commercial electrician is one that is not affected by weather conditions due to the fact that they usually work indoors. They may work with blueprints provided by the contractor or they may be required to design the system themselves. Once they have the system properly designed, they can begin to work on it.
Electrical wiring and conducts are installed and they provide everything that is part of this electrical wiring, such as circuit breaker panels, switches, and delays. They can diagnose malfunctioning systems and correct the problems using professional tools.
Commercial electricians on the Gold Coast can construct and fabricate parts with hand tools if it is needed. They can also fasten the power controllers, heating units, and lighting in the building.


Commercial electricians require many hand tools that they should already possess; however, if the job requires the use of heavy equipment, the employer may need to provide it. The most common tools used by a commercial electrician are:
•    Tape measure
•    Voltmeter
•    Wire strippers
•    Non-contact voltage detector
•    Flashlight
•    Screwdriver
•    Wire crimpers


Commercial electricians also need to do physical work that may sometimes be challenging. Lifting heavy equipment and climbing ladders are common tasks that they have to face. Depending on the particular job they are working on, they may also need to maintain an uncomfortable position for a long period of time when necessary.
Another important requirement is that commercial electricians need to be able to discern colours in order to install wires correctly, as the wires are colour-coded.
Electrical training programs ensure their knowledge of electrical fundamentals, codes, and safety.  They also learn how to use controllers by installing circuits and, motors and other tasks that give them the experience and confidence they need to start working.
As a commercial electrician, it is important to know the basics of arithmetic, algebra, calculus, geometry, and statistics and how to apply them. Knowledge of machines and the necessary tools are crucial in the industry. This includes how to use them and repair them under a variety of circumstances.

The difference between Industrial Electricians and Commercial Electricians.

Though the two job titles may sound similar but they are actually quite different. Commercial electricians are the most common of the two. They can work in any type of building and they make sure everything is working efficiently. They ensure that there is no component missing and everything is in its place.
On the other hand, industrial electricians require a more intense apprenticeship program because they are exposed to greater issues. They not only need to be prepared to handle issues with high voltage systems but they also need to be able to handle microcurrents of electricity.

Commercial electricians must become familiar with wiring systems and electrical tools if they wish to find promising job prospects in the future. There is expected to be high job growth in the 2010 – 2020 decade. Local and national electrical code understanding will be essential in the future.

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